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To simplify your school search, we’ve compiled a list of online and traditional universities that accept the GED as an equivalent to a high school diploma. Show Me Schools View 10 Popular Schools » Understanding which colleges accept GED diplomas can play an important role in determining where you plan to pursue a certificate, diploma or degree. Two-Year Schools Accept GED Students. There are community and technical colleges from coast to coast that readily accept applicants with a GED. Many have open admissions policies and accept students on a first-come, first-served basis. Examples of community and technical colleges that accept GED students are included below. This equivalency is one of the reasons why there are so many colleges that accept GED certificates. GED vs. High School Diploma. The GED and a high school diploma are academically equivalent. In fact, in addition to the vast majority of colleges and universities accepting a GED, roughly 96% of employers accept the GED as equivalent. Online Colleges That Accept Geds If you don’t know what to look for, applying to online schools can be risky. There are a lot of legitimate colleges and universities that offer online degrees—but there are also a ton of frauds. Universities that Accept the GED. People who searched for Universities that Accept the GED found the campus- based colleges and universities accept the GED as equivalent to a high school diploma. University of Florida; University of Texas; University of Illinois; DePaul Which universities in England allow attendance with only a GED? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 3 Answers. Paul Putney, lives in England. Answered Dec 28, 2017 · Author has 271 answers and 46.5k answer views. Many UK universities will accept a high school diploma a with a high enough GPA and if a GED is equivalent then that would probably be accepted. You should be aware that UK university .

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Individuals who choose not to or are unable to complete high school can later earn a General Education Development (G.E.D) certificate. Passing the G.E.D. program is the equivalent of earning a high According to GED Testing Service, “about 95 percent of U.S. colleges and universities accept GED graduates in the same manner as high school graduates.” now, if you do find a school that will not accept a GED, I suggest starting your degree at a community college. you will get two year’s progress in your degree, and prove to the school you want that you can handle college work. Georgia colleges that accept a GED instead of a high school diplomainclude Georgia Highlands College, Waycross College, GwinnettCollege. Most technical colleges and community … colleges will workwith a GED. .

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