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The brand new season has lastly arrived, the map has been stricken by struggle and an enormous battle. Which means the map has modified, there are new gadgets and outdated ones all of us acknowledge. The brand new season additionally means a twist on the aggressive meta, let’s breakdown the primary modifications you’ll be in search of going into the aggressive season.  

The Map

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The map is riddled with holes and explosions from the battle on this map. We see that a number of flying object often called “IO Blimps”  are unfold throughout by POI’s similar to Tilted Towers, Covert Cavern, Condominium Canyon, and extra. When you see a blimp at a POI then the drop is occupied by the resistance, and may function Armoured Battle Bus, Sentry guards and Turrets.

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It’s also possible to entry these blimps from the bottom by way of Ziplines and loot all the pieces to supply in facet. Getting again down is straightforward as nicely, via gliding or launching your self with a siege cannon.

New Weapons

Fight SMG

The Fight SMG is a wholly new weapon coming to Fortnite, similar to the Fight Assault Rifle, the excessive recoil weapon has a excessive fireplace fee which will likely be lethal. 

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Striker Burst Rifle

The brand new rifle has a custom-made sight just like that of the MK-7 of final season. The weapon is mainly the identical burst as we’ve seen earlier than however with 2 pictures as an alternative of three. It additionally includes a scope for extra correct aiming.

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Alongside the brand new weapons, we’ve some outdated ones coming again to the map:

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle has returned with a sooner fireplace fee, elevated recoil and lowered injury
  • Drum Shotgun is again as nicely with a slower fireplace fee and barely extra injury
  • The Revolver returns with the next fireplace fee 
  • Distant explosives are in with a bang and have greater elevated injury to automobiles (you’ll see why beneath)
  • Thermal Scoped Revolver (Unique Weapon)
  • Storm Scout Sniper Rifle (Unique Weapon)

Alongside this stuff being unvaulted, we’ve many gadgets from the earlier season returning as nicely:

  • Ranger Assault Rifle
  • Striker Pump Shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun
  • Sidearm Pistol
  • Stinger SMG
  • Hunter Bolt-Motion Sniper
  • Shadow Tracker (Unique weapon)
  • Marksman Six Shooter (Unique weapon)
  • The Dub (Unique weapon)
  • Increase Sniper Rifle (Unique weapon)

New Objects

With the resistance placing up a struggle on the map, a bunch of latest gadgets and automobiles are unfold throughout the map.

IO Titan Tank

A tank in Fortnite could be one thing in your nightmares, however the Titan Tank is a driveable cannon primarily, with machine gun turrets as nicely in your passengers. The tanks have an enormous quantity of Well being, however may be destroyed with weak factors of their treads. Shoot on the engine to do extra injury and take them down.

Siege Cannon

These are the cannons connected to IO Blimps we talked about beforehand. When you’re caught within the zone or must rotate shortly, these pure motion factors may be nice to launch your self ahead all through the map. Mid-air you’ll be capable to deploy your glider as nicely to regulate your touchdown. 

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Cow Catches & Restore Torch

With the brand new automobiles and tanks, you’ll want re-enforcements as nicely. Alongside the Chonkers Off-Highway Tires, you’ll be capable to modify your automobiles with the Cow Catcher with a view to enhance your automobiles ramming energy. In case your automobile takes injury, don’t fear, you’ll be capable to heal your automobiles and restore the injury taken. These are helpful for these lengthy rotates or mid-battle in your tank. 

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Essential Aggressive Modifications:

Now for the half we’re all targeted about, aggressive. In pub playlists you will be unable to construct for 9 days with the Resistance placing up a struggle to get constructing enabled once more. Nonetheless, in aggressive you’ll nonetheless be capable to construct and do all the pieces as regular.

Storm Surge has been modified barely, with injury intervals being elevated from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. This implies you may have much more time to heal up while you’re taking injury and offers you the liberty to tank storm surge.

The Stinger SMG has seemingly acquired a hearth fee nerf, nevertheless, the brand new Fight SMG is way past and stronger than any SMG we’ve seen but. Positively selecting up a number of of these in your stock going into tournaments.

By way of main merchandise modifications, the Coolerboxes have been altered to provide you fishes similar to Floppers alongside Guzzle Juices and Chugsplashes. This primarily means a nerf to Chonkers Speedway and a decrease probability of receiving splashes from these bins. Gamers in search of elevated velocity will now not profit from Chilli’s from the Nom Packing containers in addition to Chilli Chug Splashes, each of this stuff are seemingly faraway from the sport as nicely.

Motion Mechanics:

The season has additionally launched motion mechanics, with the power to dash and soar additional across the map. This offers you a restricted enhance of mobility and permits for some fascinating tech when rotating across the map.

One of many methods you may abuse that is by negating all sorts of fall injury when falling down, just by constructing a wall after which climbing up the wall you constructed. 

One other method to make the most of this tech is the power to sidejump with the climbing mechanic, you may seemingly transition from constructing and leaping into a fast soar to catch opponents off guard.


In essence, the brand new season will likely be lots just like the outdated one by way of box-to-box combating, we’ve excessive fireplace fee SMGs’ burning via builds and leaping into your field. Nonetheless, there’s some potential for counter-play with the addition of the Auto Shotgun, which may take down an opponent inside seconds in the event that they’re in your face.

We’ll be exploring the meta and the brand new map with a view to get you one of the best info as shortly as potential to get that benefit in-game.

We suggest exploring the brand new drop spots and training the mechanics with a view to get forward of the curve going into the brand new aggressive meta.

That can assist you get forward of the competitors, we suggest trying out NOVOS to get a customized coaching plan with content material that’s continually up to date with Season 2 content material!

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