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Since 1999, we have been offering Distance Learning (DL) courses, covering all aspects of intellectual property (IP), to both professionals and those new to the field. Welcome to Distance Learning. Welcome to the Distance Learning Department at Conestoga College – the community’s adult educator. More and more students are electing Distance education or long-distance learning is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. Traditionally, this usually involved The Distance Learning department at New Mexico Junior College is committed to providing learning opportunities to those students who may not be able to attend one of The United States Distance Learning Association was the first nonprofit Distance Learning association in the United States to support Distance Learning research Welcome to HYA Training. Browse through our distance learning courses offered year round. All courses are fully accredited by NCFE & Cache. discover more .

The California Distance Learning Project provides teacher resources and student activities for adult education in California. Distance Learning. HCC provides the following resources to help students be successful in their distance learning courses. Is distance learning right for you? Distance courses are not right for everyone. Although the courses provide flexibility and convenience, they require strong study Welcome to DistanceLearnignIreland.com. An online directory of e-learning and distance learning courses and providers in Ireland. View links to distance learning .

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