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Distance Learning Masters Degrees. This online degree will allow you to develop the knowledge and skills to handle ethical issues as they arise in the workplace. It’s specially designed to help people in business, the public sector, the professions, the third sector and walks of life to explore different approaches to ethical problems. Distance and off-campus learning. You can study for a Leicester degree without ever having to come to our campus. Off-campus (distance) learning is the perfect option if you need to balance getting a qualification with work, family and other commitments. We have a wide variety of courses that you can do from your own home in any country. Find a Distance learning Masters Postgraduate Degree , using the UK’s most comprehensive search engine for postgrads. We bring University education to you Online distance learning is the most flexible and affordable way to achieve a globally recognised degree, kick-starting your career Starting from correspondence education courses in the 1930s, distance learning has evolved into the dynamic and technology-driven world of online education – cited by many as the answer to time constraints, financial barriers and other Distance learning has allowed easier access to education, flexible scheduling, and a greater number of people access to education that may not have otherwise had the opportunity. With a Masters degree through distance learning, students can gain a top-notch education from many prestigious academic institutions around the world. .

Find out which Distance Learning was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees EADTU is the proud founding partner of the DistanceLearningPortal. There are many ways you can study, with different work combinations and locations, including distance or work-based learning, and more. Foundation degrees. 10 Top UK Universities Ideal for Distance Learning Where to study. Their students are on courses leading to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Whether you’re looking to get ahead, follow your passion or develop your skills there are no barriers to learning with our exciting range of distance learning courses. .

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