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Some education graduates go on to study for a PhD in education. Another option is the Masters in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). For more information on routes into teaching and to find a course that interests you, see teacher training and education and search postgraduate courses. What do education graduates do? In order to teach in a secondary school, your degree normally needs to be in a National Curriculum subject (at least 50% of your degree). This is why only a few universities offer a straight teaching degree in secondary education. MA in Education (Inclusive Practice) or MEd (Inclusive Practice) You will have the opportunity of being presented at a degree ceremony. On successful completion of a Stage 1 module (60 credits of study) you will be able to claim a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education (K27). The top 50 universities in the world for education, as ranked by higher education data specialists QS Find out what to do with your degree in education if you no longer want to teach children. These 10 careers will utilize your background and skills. Read our Education degree guide for all the information on the subject area, why you should study it, and what careers you can hope to go into after your degree is over .

A flexible education degree offering a wide-range of specialist modules. Allowing students to tailor their degree to their future career goal. Bachelor of Education. A Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is an undergraduate professional degree which prepares students for work as a teacher in schools, though in some countries additional work must be done in order for the student to be fully qualified to teach. Find out all you need to know about education degrees, including different specializations, career options and key skills. Academic degree. An academic degree is a qualification awarded to students upon successful completion of a course of study in higher education, normally at a college or university. .

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